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Protecting the environment not only is a topic very dear to us, but also an absolute necessity.

As a family-run business located in the idyllic Taunus region of Southwestern Germany, we value a sustainable approach when it comes to both our customer relationships and our ecological footprint. Recyclable products, eco-minded producers, short delivery chains and innovative materials are key factors. That's why Gerschon has enlisted the help of ClimatePartner and Interseroh, professionals who support us on our journey towards greater sustainability.


Sustainable business only works if there is a real opportunity in the market - and, as consumer demands show, this has been the case for longer than industry often wants to admit.

The June 2021 McKinsey Report on the consumer goods industry reveals the following:
"All consumer groups show a clear trend towards sustainability - whether it's food, clothing or cosmetics. 23 percent of German consumers now reach for sustainable brands more often than before the pandemic broke out, a McKinsey survey from December 2020 found. Even in the years before, more than half of the growth in the consumer goods business was accounted for by sustainably marketed products, although these only accounted for around one-sixth of all consumer goods sales in 2019. What's more, sales of consumer products marketed as 'sustainable' are growing more than seven times faster than conventional products."

Further study results can be found here

RECYCLING - sensible packaging

More than 90 percent of our product range already is recyclable, and we have now also had our particularly environmentally friendly Green PE series certified accordingly. Working closely with the environmental services provider Interseroh, we have received the "Made for Recycling" seal of approval for our Green PE series developed by the bifa Umweltinstitut. Because recycling-friendly packaging is essential to save valuable resources and to protect the climate.

If you would also like to have your finished products upgraded with the coveted seal, we will be happy to support you in this process. Not only the composition of the packaging components, but also aspects such as the finishing of the containers, printing inks, folding boxes and consumer information on the packaging play a crucial role. Contact us for some in-depth information about recycling-friendly packaging design!

Find out more about the recyclability of our products, the testing methodology and our certificates here

CARBON NEUTRALITY - Offsetting and reducing CO2 emissions

In addition, Gerschon has compensated all emissions caused by our website, our 2022 trade fair appearance and our Green PE bottles through certified projects by ClimatePartner. They help us calculate and reduce our carbon footprint, to execute carbon offset strategies and compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions with carbon offset projects. These certified projects have a proven positive impact on battling global warming.

Greenhouse gases are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, so the greenhouse gas concentration is roughly the same everywhere on earth. CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided locally can therefore be offset by global climate protection projects. Another goal most certainly is to reduce our carbon emissions in general– our carbon neutral Green PE series marked one of our first steps in this direction, and what we can’t avoid yet, is offset through 2 ClimatePartner initiatives so far. Follow us along a carbon neutral trip around the world!

Our project in DR Congo

Click here to find out more about our Project in DR Congo

Our Projects in South America and Germany

We compensate our Green PE bottles, as well as our fair trade appearance 2022 through local projects and international forest protection.

Click here to find out more about our projects in South America and Germany