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Green Gerschon - natural beautifully packaged!

Gerschon offers you a wide standard range made from Green PE based on sugar cane. Wherefore? This bio-based PE uses a renewable raw material that has almost the same properties as its petroleum-based counterpart and can also be integrated into the existing recycling system. It is resource-saving and sustainable at the same time.

Sugar cane is frugal, binds CO2 from the air during growth and requires little water. No fossil fuels are required to produce the Green PE, the energy is obtained from the plant fibers themselves. The result: One ton of Green PE binds up to 3.09 tons of C02.

This aesthetically beautiful product is certified for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and supports the branding of your high-quality natural care products with its positive properties.

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Green Gerschon PE

Decor - Transform a container into your unique product!

Gerschon offers not only a variety of standard products but also transform every jar, bottle or tube into your customised product. We believe that packaging has a close relation to the product it contains; it encases and protects it, and transports its image to the outside. To enhance the overall appearance of your product, we can assist you with the artwork as well as with the complete procedure of printing or finishing. At Gerschon you get everything from one source. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Examples for perfect printing and finishing

Imprinting Transform a container into your unique product!

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Sometimes it may be a little less expensive! If items will no longer be produced, if product families expire or the assortment changes and new items are added to it, we will gladly pass this on to you through lower prices.

This section will be under constantly modification, so please drop by and get inspired.

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